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Listen to an internet radio interview of author Nancy I. Sanders with Scott McCausey at Christian Devotions Speak Up!


In Nancy I Sanders’ newly authored book, she elaborates upon how depression can hit unexpectedly through no fault of any devout Christian. It is more common than one may think is the supportive backdrop to this masterpiece. She demonstrates this by featuring 22 chapters of stories from the bible. This book provides the reader with instructional lessons regarding how biblical protagonists and heroes deal with depression. The author does not intend for this to be the typical self-help book for depression, instead, in quite a unique way, it provides comfort and spiritual readings to nourish the Christian soul. Within the lessons are points of power which empower the prospective reader to express his/her love of God in different ways. For example, write a poem or short letter or compose a song to express your love to God. Set aside some time today to tell God how much you love him. Kneel, dance, raise your hands, sing, or simply sit still in His presence as you worship the Lord without inhibition or fear. Within the 192 pages, it is a pleasant and soothing read. The pages melt away as the Lord’s words reveal powerful lessons. They transform the reader into the heart of these vivid, living scenes. It is an essential book to be read many times over, for those afflicted with Depression.
-Sharon Blumberg is a freelance writer, and she has been a junior high teacher in Illinois for over 20 years. She lives with her husband in Munster, Indiana. She has two grown children. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and going for long walks. She will be retiring this coming June. She would like to pursue her writing career and voice-over work, full-time.



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