Group Bible Study

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Perfect for a group Bible study at your church or with your women’s group, Depression: What’s A Christian To Do? comes with personal application questions for each chapter.

Featuring 20 chapters with 10 questions for each chapter, this encouraging and inspirational book works well over a 20-week session to fit the needs of your group. All questions for the chapters are included at the back of the book.

Depression: What’s A Christian To Do? offers tender healing for those who struggle with this powerful emotion and also offers godly counsel to equip those who have a family member or friend who experiences times of depression.

Content of this book has been reviewed and approved by Calvary Chapel Distribution Center.

Following is a sample list of questions.

Chapter 1: Walking Through the Valley
1. Did it surprise you to find out David battled with depression all his life? Explain.
2. How does it make you feel that God may have created you to be a man or woman after God’s own heart, just like David?
3. Find a Psalm that expresses what you are going through right now. Write it in your own words to make it more personal.
4. Through writing many of the Psalms, David exposed his struggles and weaknesses to others. By doing so, how has David’s life blessed yours?
5. How can the testimony of your own personal struggles and subsequent victories in Christ bless others, too?
6. Do you truly believe your life is as important to God as David’s or other people’s in the Bible? Why or why not?
7. God loves you and values you just as much as He did David. Find 3 Scriptures confirming the great magnitude of God’s love for you. Write them down.
8. Draw a picture of a shepherd holding a little lamb in his arms. How does this compare to your relationship with Jesus?
9. Describe a time when the Good Shepherd rescued you from a dark and lonely moment in your life.
10. How does God strengthen you the most?

Look for Depression: What’s A Christian To Do? at your local bookstore or at online bookstores such as Amazon.


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